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I also like how Code gets updated on a monthly basis. So bug fixes and new features land pretty fast. Good luck with learning JavaScript! If you need some resources, I can share a few that I find useful :)


Sorry for the late response. Was a bit busy today.

There are quite a lot of resources on the Web but the ones I can recommend are:


  • JavaScript for impatient programmers by Axel Rauschmayer. This book was released recently and is available for free online. You can also buy it in paper format if you can spend some money.
  • Exploring ES6 by Axel Rauschmayer. It's is a bit older than the one above but still worth a look.
  • Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke is quite good as well.


  • freeCodeCamp. Not really a course but they have different tracks and learning JS is part of them.
  • MDN has a section dedicated to JS as well. It's a good resource for both learning and as a reference.
  • Getting Started with JavaScript, v2 by Kyle Simpson. I haven't watched this course but have read some of his books and like his style of explaining stuff. So I think the course will be just as good. FrontendMasters is paid so if you decide to give it a try, you can also watch other courses as well.

Building stuff

The are tons of other resources as well but I hope you'll find these useful :)

Edit: Oh, I forgot our lovely DEV.to :) You can follow the js tag. There are a lot of good posts.

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