Discussion on: To Bootcamp or Not To Bootcamp

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Michael Caveney

Do you have a fair amount of money and time, and learn well under rapid time constraints? If so, a reputable bootcamp could be a really good option for you. I would love to have had the option to go to bootcamp and speed up the learning process, but the time constraint is too brutal. Self-taught CAN work well, but you need a lot of structure to not wander whilst learning and determination, since the job search process is very trying.

If you want to learn web development, you should NOT get a masters since that would be overkill, and the curriculum would likely not be relevant, or up to date.

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natalie stroud Author

All very good points, Michael. Time is my biggest worry for bootcamp (and $). Whereas self-taught you have all the time which is a blessing and a curse. If I have all this time given all that I do outside of work, it's great. But I feel it's only going to slow me down to do that.

Thank you!!