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Day 854 : Holiday Joint

liner notes:

  • Professional : Had a bunch of meetings to start my day. Worked on rewriting a tutorial. Then got ready to head out to a holiday event happening with Orlando Developers meetup. I'm hear now. Going to see how much more I can get done before the party.

  • Personal : I got the background removal working when I upload an image from my computer. Also looked into ways I could customize Astro's Starlight to fit my needs as a dashboard starter. Read an article on how to add Firebase authentication and access Firestore in an Astro project. Listened to some tracks for the radio show and went to sleep.

Aerial view of a moss-covered mountain chain in Brecon, United Kingdom at sunset

Going to check out this holiday joint. Afterwards, I'll probably stay up late so I can get the tracks and social media posts ready to post tomorrow. I also want to finish up the tutorial rewrite for work so I can start my vacation early. haha.

Have a great night!

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