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Day 828 : Dirty Laundry

liner notes:

  • Saturday : Normal Saturday where I just did some errands before heading to the radio show. Did the show and had a good time. The recording of this week's show is at

Radio show episode image of a chart showing that OutKast has the highest selling rap album of all time with Speakerboxxx/The Love Below with the words Oct 7th 2023 United

  • Sunday : Got back to doing my study sessions at . Turned out to be a pretty productive day. Completed the post radio show promo work. Did the mountain of dirty laundry I accumulated from my trip overseas. I signed up for my 2024 healthcare plan. Did some research for a new side project. Ended the night watching the new "Spy x Family" episode and caught up with "Zom 100". Pretty good day.

  • Professional : Today I started off with a couple of meetings. Rest of the day, worked on updating some documentation and checking code snippets. Not a bad way to start off the week.

  • Personal : Been thinking about ways to do my new side project. There may be another way to implement the main feature and it could work out cheaper than the original method I was going to use. We'll see when I get to that part of the project. Still got some stuff to do before then.

A river flowing through a canyon in Zion Narrows, UT, USA with a small waterfall

Going to read some documentation for a feature I want to try and implement on my side project. Going to see if I can spin up a proof of concept and if I want to include it in the project. I want to also go through some tracks for the radio show. Maybe watch some anime. Going to have dinner.

Have a great night!

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