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Day 614 : The Darkest Part

liner notes:

  • Saturday : Thought I would have to leave early for the station to reboot my Helium miner at my friend's place, but it worked itself out! So I left a little later than normal and went to drop off a package to send back to work at a place next to the radio station. When I got to the station, there were no parking spaces! Looks like there was student orientation and a soccer game happening. I drove around so many times! I parked in a parking lot I'm pretty sure I wasn't supposed to because it said faculty, but I do have a Contractor parking permit so that may be okay. Well, when it came time to go to the studio, I decided to give it one more try and actually found a spot! Went in, did the show and had a really good time. The recording of this week's show is at

Radio show episode image of a cracked MacBook Pro screen with the words Aug 13th 2022 Tokyo, Seoul, NYC

  • Sunday : Did my cyphers. Had a good time. Learned some new things and started on my next side project. I'm working on a dashboard for my personal site,, starting with adding events I'm attending. Originally, I was using the Meetup API and had a chron job that would check to see what events I'm going to. Earlier I noticed it stopped working. I didn't have time to investigate till recently and it looks like they totally changed where to get the information and are now using GraphQL which basically breaks all the calls I was making to a REST API. Another limitation I had was that I could only add events that were on Meetup. It was fine when that's all I was going to, but since a lot of meetups haven't happened since the pandemic and I've been going to more conferences and workshops that aren't on Meetup. With the dashboard, I'll be able to add both events on and off of Meetup. I set up the authorization and a skeleton app. Pretty productive Sunday.

  • Professional : Not a bad day. I ordered some business cards for my upcoming trips. Found out that the demo I was working on can't be used because the original one is being used by other projects so I can only just update some libraries and function names. Also looked into booking some flights and hotels.

  • Personal : There's quite a few things I need to refactor since I'll be manually adding events to my personal site. I've got to get rid of the chron job, because it would delete all the events and replace them with a new batch. I need to basically replicate the event data structure so that site can still render the events without me having to change stuff there. Going to give myself till the end of the week to finish it up.

View from a mountain top at the Caucasus Mountains at sunset

I have so many reviews and lessons waiting for me in the Japanese study app. I really need to spend more time on it. It's just that I have so many coding projects in my brain I want to make. haha Plus it's getting pretty difficult to remembering how to say some of the characters. I know what they mean, but I can't remember which saying it is. Just need to spend more time with it. Right now, I'm in the darkest part of study and just need to keep going till I see the light.

Have a great night!

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