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Day 517 : Round and Round

liner notes:

  • Professional : Spent a good amount of the day going round and round on trying to figure out the issue I ran into yesterday with the library I'm using in a project. I think the error is coming from how it's loaded from a CDN. Then I tried to see if the issue would happen if I installed it locally. That opened a whole other can of worms. haha Loading the library basically required that I use a bundler to be able to import the library so it could be used in the browser. I didn't want to have to compile the code, but I don't think there is an easier way due to the time constraints. Just so happened that the person I'm building the demo app was using a bundler, Parcel, for their portion. We got together so I could install what they've been working onto my local machine and get it running. I just have to drop in my parts and hook it up to what they have. I think we avoided a lot of code conflicts by splitting everything apart into individual standalone components and combining them at the end. So far so good. I also sat in on a presentation at work. There was a Twitter Space I put on in the background while I coded.

  • Personal : Last night, I worked on getting a map showing in my side project and pull data from a database. It was pretty cool, because I did it a different way on another section of the site. This one is on different domain so it didn't need to be to complicated.

Overhead shot of a beach in Maldives with the turquoise water on the bottom half with the beach with some footprints in the top half.

So, I ordered an extension arm thing that I can attach to my van frame so I can attach my projector and swing it out when I want to watch a movie or anime and swing it out of the way when I'm done. Right now, I have a tripod set up and it's kind of in the way. It's pretty dark out now, so I think I may continue the demo project for work, so that I can attach the arm during the day tomorrow. Plus I've got a bunch of meetings and may not have a lot of continuous time to code. Yeah, I may do that and go through tracks for the radio show this week.

Have a great night!

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