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Day 515 : In The Cut

liner notes:

  • Saturday : So I got to the station's campus a little later than normal and I could not find parking. Looks like the students are back or something. Finally found a parking spot in a park close to the school. Went to the building with the station's studio. Since there are basketball games being broadcasted during our time slot, we've been doing the show online only from a meeting room. Since there were no parking spaces, I guess that would also explain why all the meeting rooms were filled. I finally found one off in the cut and we did a lowkey show. It was a great time. The recording of this week's show is at

Radio show episode image of a diagram with hexagons in the form of the United States show how much emergency rental assistance funds were paid to households by state with the words Jan 22nd 2022 Stealth Mode

  • Sunday : It was super cold in the morning when I drove to the spot to do the cyphers. If I didn't have the cyphers, it would be one of those days I sleep in. Glad I didn't because I got a lot of stuff done. I cut my hair, worked on my side project, got the speakers hung up in my van. After the cyphers, I went into the van and watched "The Harder They Fall" on my new mini theater. It was kind of a pain to set up, but once it was going it was pretty awesome.

  • Professional : Not a bad day at work. Had a couple of meetings and got to catch up with some folks. Then spent the rest of the day converting a UI element that was in a demo I'm making to a Web Component since it listens for and sends events. I think it will be a lot cleaner if all that code was encapsulated into a single element so that the developer wouldn't have to worry about. Just place the element and pass in some data and it will handle the rest.

  • Personal : During the cyphers on Sunday, I was able to get the audio chat broadcast feature working on my side project and tested it successfully. While working on that, I refactored the dashboard layout to make it a little easier to navigate. Going to continue working on it.

A look at a mountain range in Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Italy from a top of a mountain under an almost cloudless blue sky.

Thought of a new layout for the client side of my project that I want to try and implement it. Going to give my theater another try with watching an anime before going to bed.

Have a great night!

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