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Day 513 : Hard Work

liner notes:

  • Professional : So many meetings today! haha I think I rather have one day full of meetings and nothing for the rest of the week. That way I can focus to get some coding done. Speaking of coding, between and after meetings, I was able to knock out another component for this demo application we are building. It's rough, but will do for now. Got a demo in the afternoon tomorrow of what we've been working on, so I'll be moving some elements around on the page before we present.

  • Personal : Worked on my side project. Getting closer to finishing up the audio chat on the dashboard side. Got it to where I can get the credentials needed to join the chat. Next thing is to get joining the chat working and then broadcasting it. I also went through some tracks for the radio show.

A forest in Harz, Germany with moss on the ground and sunlight shining through the trees from a setting sun

Going to see if I can get joining the audio chat and broadcasting working from the dashboard. Once I get that working, going to go through more tracks for the radio show. Going to eat some dinner and get started and put in the hard work.

Have a great night!

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