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Day 491 : Come Up

liner notes:

  • Saturday : Got up early to finish putting together the radio show. Then made the trip to the radio station. Did the show, had a good time. Then drove the van to my spot, watched an episode of Cowboy Bebop. I was pretty tired and went to sleep. The recording of this week's show is at

Radio show episode image of the cover and back of Davina's So Good song with the words Dec 4th 2021 Not My Biz Tax

  • Sunday : Had my online study group ( ). The time flew by! Got a few things done though, so I felt good and went right to bed.

  • Professional : Ran into an issue building a demo for a blog post last week. So today, I went through the code and got it working. I'm taking another sample app and adding some Web Components. Got everything pretty much working and need to work on some styling.

  • Personal : So I decided to take part in this developer event thing that if you deploy an application to Netlify (like a hosting company) in December, they will donate money to organizations that help people get into tech. As a person who participated in extra-curricular programs to help under represented people get in science, math and tech fields, I'm down to support. I have a demo that I did for a talk I gave earlier this year, so I am going to make it a full application and deploy it. I even bought a domain. Yes, another domain. haha.

Overhead shot of an island in Thinadhoo, Maldives with the ocean surrounding a strip of land with a green lagoon in the center.

Going to see how much I can get done with the Netlify project. I've never used it before, so this will be a good chance to learn it. Also, I want to update my website to remove the links to view the code for my side projects. I recently took down my GitLab instance because I got like a $300 bill from Google because I think my server that hosted my GitLab may have been hacked to do crypto mining. For whatever reason I couldn't view my GitLab instance. Definitely shut that server and others I was playing around with real quick! haha. If I don't have time to follow up with these servers, I have no business setting them up. haha The money I'll be saving from the servers, I'll be putting it into my side project so it can come up.

Have a great night!

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