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Day 487 : Care Packages

liner notes:

  • Professional : Had a pretty productive day. Pretty much got everything I wanted completed. Only had 1 meeting and made pretty good use of my time. Hopefully, the rest of the week is the same. haha.

  • Personal : So, I found some items on my to buy if ever on sale list. So I purchased a bunch of stuff and had some cash back credit from the previous month's purchases so I saved quite a bit. Plus on one of the items, I get double credits. These items are part of some projects I want to launch in the new year, so I want to start working on them from now.

A road curving to the left in Moorefield, WV, USA with a wooden barbwire fence on the right and trees with orange, brown and green leaves and mountains in the distance

Going to play around with the packages I got in and see if I can do what I think I can do with it. Hopefully that goes well and I can move forward on my planned projects. Going to eat dinner, then open my care packages and maybe end the night watching "Cowboy Bebop". I may go through some tracks for the radio show.

Have a great night!

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