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Day 461 : Don't Play Around

liner notes:

  • Professional : Pretty productive day. Had a couple meetings, updated my next blog post with some new info and also the demo application that goes with it. Also went through a couple pull requests for an update to the Client SDK.

  • Personal : So I started working on coding my new side project. I wanted to try a new framework I've been looking at, but I ran into some issues trying to get the functionality of my app working. I'll play with it a little more to see if I can get it working, but from what I'm reading, the framework may not be the best solution. We'll see it. I need to make sure I don't play around too long, I want to get this project done.

A pond in Krka Nat'l Park, Croatia surrounded by a forest and waterfalls

Going to work on my side project some more and make a decision on whether or not I'll continue with the new framework. Also want to watch an episode of Boruto and go through tracks for the radio show.

Have a great night!

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