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Day 459 : Somehow Someway

liner notes:

  • Professional : Thought today was going to be a chill day to go into the weekend. My plan was to have a couple of meetings with some folks and then get ready for a live stream later in the day. Cool. Like I said, that was MY plan, my laptop had something else in my mind. Some reason the live stream got moved up like an hour which conflicted with one of my meetings. No problem, I can log on afterwards. My meeting ends and my computer starts to get really slow. Thought I could just restart and everything would be fine. Nope! haha Computer was still show and low on battery even though it's been plugged in all day! Somehow someway, we were able to do the live stream, I wasn't able to show everything I wanted, but we can do that next time. I did get to demo some of the projects I've been working on. Now I'm tired. haha.

  • Personal : Last night, I went through a bunch of tracks for the radio show. I also mocked up some of the pages that will be in my new side project. Now I'm thinking may be a good option to make the site. There will be a few static pages (just HTML and CSS) and a goal of is to ship as little JavaScript as possible. Oh, and I noticed that the web component on my latest side project wasn't showing up. Ended up that I was pulling the latest version of a library and something changed and it broke my web component. So I just set the version for the one I was using and it started working again. Glad I thought to check that before rewriting my code. Didn't get to watch "Boruto" though.

A misty field at sunset in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada with a few trees and mountains in the distance.

I'm going to finish up the prep work of the radio show. There's some stuff I want to test out for my side project. Maybe I'll set up the starter project. Definitely want to watch an episode of "Boruto" though. haha.

Have a great night and weekend!

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