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Day 419 : Stormy Weather

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liner notes:

  • Professional : Had a bunch of meetings today. Basically spent my day doing that. I demoed an application I made to the team. I got so tired from the meetings, I didn't even really work. Plus it's stormy weather outside and that didn't help. haha Need to really finish the week out strong tomorrow. I don't have any meetings scheduled.

  • Personal : Uploaded some videos to the backup site. Added some more functionality to the dashboard. Now I can get the ids after sending a link of the archived video to the API and then use the ids to get the video details generated. Also, got updating the data to the backend working. Started working on getting the video uploaded to Vimeo from the dashboard. Went through some tracks for the radio show. Watched "Fire Force" and went to bed.

Overhead view of the coast off Langkawi, Malaysia with a forest at the top and goes to large rocks that go into the turquoise colored ocean

I want to finish up being able to upload to Vimeo from the dashboard and get generating a thumbnail working. There's another functionality I was thinking about implementing. Generating highlight video from some clips. I was thinking if the video wasn't automatically created after the live broadcast was complete, I would be able to do it from the dashboard, but thinking about it, right now I'm the only one making the highlight videos and it's only really useful for when I post to Twitter and Instagram right after. I may put it on the back burner until I see a greater need for it. I'm pretty excited to see if the video details will be automatically generated and show up on the videos detail page. We'll see on Sunday. For the rest of the night, I want to watch "Fire Force" while eating dinner and then go through tracks for the radio show.

Have a great night!

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