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Day 416 : Onward

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liner notes:

  • Saturday : Worked on the side project a little. Then next I knew, it was time to do the radio show. Time was just flying by. The recording of this week's show is at

Radio show episode image of an illustration of a display for Food Not Bombs with tables with pamphlets and pots of food with a banner and signs with the words July 24th 2021 Back to the Code

  • Sunday : Did my live online study group side project thing, . All my code worked. I was able to push a quick update to the code. Spoke about some topics I found interesting. I was able to post short video clips to Twitter and Instagram. I didn't get a chance to finish the automated video analysis to create a summary, tags and a transcript. I was able to send a request to the API and get back an id that I saved to the database and can then send to get the details I'm looking for. I got real close, but we move onward!

  • Professional : Had a couple of meetings today. Updated a blog post. Helped out with a community question. Did some work on an upcoming blog post. Not too much coding to start off the week.

  • Personal : Spent last night working on the dashboard for Now that I can make calls to the video analysis API and store the id. I want to be able to call it from the dashboard and get the data from past videos. I'm thinking if I can get it done manually on previous videos, it should also work automatically right after the live show since they are going to be the same functions, just called differently. We'll see. Ended the night watching an episode of "Fire Force", "Kevin Can F Himself", and "Rick and Morty".

The plains of Silale Swamps, Tanzania with a huge field of green grass and three trees with an elephant underneath them.

Tonight, I'm looking to watch "Fire Force" while eating dinner, then work on the dashboard for my side project. If I have time, I may go through some tracks for the radio show. I also noticed that it looks like my site isn't getting rid of events that have passed. I'll have to look into that as well.

Have a great night!

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