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Day 404 : Hurricane

liner notes:

  • Professional : Not a bad day. Started off kind of slow with a couple of meetings. Once those were over, I was able to get some work done. Had a horrible time with logging into that social media site from yesterday. Apparently by me just logging in and creating a test group page some how may have got against their community guidelines and I had a notification on the page and couldn't do anything. It asked me to verify my account so all it did was send a code to my phone and I had to type it in. i don't know. Can't wait to finish up this integration so I can go back to not using it again. haha. Made some updates to a blog post I'm writing. Put together a nice to have list of functionalities for a new project I'll be helping out with. Not too bad of a day.

  • Personal : So, I was able to get a picture and not a black screen for the thumbnail of the video. There's still 2 seconds of black in the beginning of the clip I'm using to take the thumbnail from, not sure why, I'll have to look into it. Also, I decided to add an ending screen to the highlight videos users can make. For some reason, the ending clip is show in the beginning and end of the highlight video. Need to figure out why. Also, with the same API, I did manage to figure out why I was having issues when I switched from the testing API key to the production API key. The endpoint to send the information is different. I only found that out in an email that was sent to me late last year when I first signed up that I was going to reply to asking what was happening. haha They should probably have it on the site somewhere. Maybe i missed it. As long as I got it working. I was also able to figure out the endpoint to call to retrieve all the videos that have thumbnails so I can show them on the videos archive page that a user can click to see the actual video. I'm going to need to have a section on the dashboard where I'll be able to view, edit and delete archived videos and add thumbnails to older videos. I also went through tracks for the radio show and watched the latest episode of "Loki".

View from inside an ice cave in Baden, Switzerland looking out into the night sky full of stars

Going to see if I can get those weird issues I ran into worked out. Can't believe it's already Thursday! Going to go through more tracks for this week's radio show and some articles for the Sunday show. Think that's it. Oh and it looks like the Hurricane or whatever missed us. Just some rain and wind. Thank goodness.

Have a great night!

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