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Day 385 : Feeling Good

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liner notes:

  • Professional : Got help from the team on how to download a recording I made from a demo to help with a community question. The recording proved that the demo worked the way the user wanted. Felt good. While working on the question, I found a small typo in the documentation. A boolean had quotes around it, so I just removed it and made a PR. Had a pretty cool meeting with the Artificial Intelligence team and talk about what they are working on. Some cool stuff in the future. Got on a video call with a team mate to test out some functionality. Also had a quick team meeting. Pretty productive day.

  • Personal : Last night, I worked on getting modals to show up with different information depending on what was clicked. Also got the Twitter and Github login working and when someone logs in, the UI changes.

A path covered in brown leaves going thorough a green forest in Speulderbos, Netherlands

So, I definitely took a nap after work. haha Feeling pretty good right now. I want to get more info on the user like username that isn't saved when a person logs in, but it is available right after the user logs in, so I'll add it then. Going to get that working and the section where people can sign up to do lightning talks during the breaks.

Have a great night!

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