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Day 342 : RIP DMX

dwane profile image HIPHOP and CODE ・1 min read

liner notes:

  • Professional : Pretty chill day to start the weekend. Had a meeting with the team and then I worked on a demo to help with a question that we got in the community Slack channel. The original poster said that it helped with what they were ooking for. Cool. Pretty much that was it. The day went by pretty quick.

  • Personal : Last night, I worked on the layout for my side project. Worked on tabs and some buttons. Also added some elements into details so that things take up less space. Also got it so that it can be navigable with the keyboard. Came out pretty good.

View though the trunks of trees in a Ardennes, Belgium forest on a foggy day

It's the weekend! This week flew by!!! Working on tracks for the radio show tomorrow. Learned that DMX passed away. Damn. Sucks. Rest in Power DMX. May do some more coding. Really want to watch the new episode of "Falcon and Winter Soldier" and maybe an anime. We'll see how soon I can get the show set up.

Have a great night and weekend!

peace piece
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