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Day 245 : The Recipe

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liner notes:

  • Professional : Got to demo my sample app at the meeting. Everything worked so that was cool. We do a quiz to the end the meeting. The topic was the Internet. And I won! First time ever! Proof I spend way too much time on the Internet, haha. Had another meeting with my manager on a future project. Other than that, I did some online training. Demo worked and won a quiz, the recipe for a good day.

  • Personal : Spent some time to finish up the demo app I showed today and got the radio show edited and submitted to the station. Then went to sleep. haha.

Sand dunes of Canary Islands, Spain at sunset

Can't believe the week is over. While at the park and on WiFi, I'm going to download some tracks. When I get to my spot for the night, I'll be putting together the radio show. I may watch some more online training videos and go to sleep early.

Have a great night!

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