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Day 242: Barbecues and back yards

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liner notes:

  • Saturday : This weekend flew by so quickly! Only thing I really member is doing the radio show and have a good time. haha The recording of this week's show is at

Radio show image of two idiots in a music video holding envelopes that were caught committing fraud and stealing a million dollars meant to help people during the pandemic.

  • Sunday : Did my laundry and worked a little on the draft for my next blog post. Worked on the radio show a little. Did some light coding as well.

  • Professional : Finally got my blog post submitted for review. Put a lot of work into it. Got to do a livestream with some of my team members. That was cool. Had another meeting with another team. Pretty good day. Not too much coding though.

  • Personal : So, over the weekend, I found out that the map on one of my side projects stopped showing up. Turns out the people providing the images for the maps made a change. Since then on newer projects, I've pretty much found another way to display maps without using the people I previously used. So, I thought all I had to do was change a URL and everything would be good. Well, no, not exactly. haha I was right that I just needed to change a URL, but I had to update some other libraries and turns out I built the project in a Docker container and had to do some things with that. Long story short, it took longer than I imagined. haha.

Star filled night sky above Silverthorne, CO, United States

Going to spend some time filling out my mail in ballot. There's quite a few things that I want to research first. This stuff is really serious. After that, maybe work on a side project. Played a song on the show called "Barbecues and back yards" and it reminded me that Summer is basically over and due to the pandemic how BBQs basically didn't happen for the most part. Weird times.

Have a great night!

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