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Day 228: Anniversary

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liner notes:

  • Professional : Found out that today marks my 1 year Anniversary with the company. It's amazing how fast time flies yet with COVID seems to stand still. Even though I didn't get to travel as much as I liked, it's still been a great time. I've learned so much! Looking forward to the future. As for today, I had a couple of meetings. Helped out with some questions from the community and worked on this blog that is taking forever. haha.

  • Personal : Got the recording of the radio show submitted to the station to be played ON AIR this week. Listened to more tracks for this week's show. Watched the train wrech that was the Presidential debate.

View from a lake to the mountains of Engelberg, Switzerland that start off green and get more and more gray as they go up to a height where they are covered in snow and clouds.

Ran some errands. Had to take back my like 10 year old modem to be shipped back to my old internet provider else I was going to be charged $60! They said I could take it to a store, went to the store, they said I had to take it to a Shipping store. Got to the shipping store and got a receipt. Also went grocery shopping. Since I did all that during the day, I'm going to continue working on the blog post. Really want to turn it in this week.

Have a great night!

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