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Day 208 : Hook

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liner notes:

  • Professional : Worked on getting my Web Components into a React app. Not only that, but I wanted to put the application into a place online that I could then share/embed in my blog post. Tried a few places and for whatever reason, the React projects were throwing errors. I tried to troubleshoot, but gave up because I was able to get everything working in Glitch. Now I just have to hook up all the references for the Web Components so that React knows what to do with them. It looks as though there may be 2 ways of doing it, one being with Hooks, so I'll probably write up both ways in the blog.

  • Personal : Really don't remember what I did last night. haha I got to my parking spot, ate, watched a presentation on live streaming with some live coding and probably fell asleep. haha.

Sunset in a valley of The Coromandel, New Zealand with green mountains and lush vegetation

About to have a friend help me record a promo video for work. Should be pretty quick. Then I'll edit the clips together, add some voice over and then turn it in to see if it looks okay. Speaking of editing, I want to get the recording of the radio show done and submitted to the station tonight. That'll probably be all for me.

Have a great night!

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