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Day 205: Loads

dwane profile image HIPHOP and CODE ・1 min read

liner notes:

  • Professional : Had a team meeting and it was good to see everyone. Also reworked some documentation in a tutorial to be a little clearer. Also did more research in for an upcoming blog post. The day flew by quick!

  • Personal : Last night, I edited the show recording from Saturday and submitted it to the radio station to be played this week. Also listened through some submitted tracks. Spent the rest of the night working on my side project. I think I got it working but my Chromebook couldn't handle streaming video and screen sharing in 2 different tabs and then viewing that combined stream in yet another browser tab. I may have come up with a way to ease the loads, but need to see if the API can do it.

Pathway with large moss covered walls on both sides with a small stream running through the center in Ice Age Trail, WI

After work, I attended the Web Components SF virtual meetup. Some really good presentations and interesting conversations happening in the chat room. Some people even commented that they liked the blog post I wrote on creating Web Components. Felt really cool that people in the community found it to be valuable! Going to do some more research and experimentation to see if I can modify all the streams happening. I want to also go.

Have a great night!

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