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Day 204: Blow My Mind

dwane profile image HIPHOP and CODE ・2 min read

liner notes:

  • Professional : Attended a couple of talk prep sessions. Got to see someone practice a keynote talk for an upcoming virtual conference. Cool to see how they prepare. Definitely took some notes. Had a meeting with a team member. Found out that you don't need to have been born in Canada to take part in the health system, you just have to be a resident. Finding that out was enough to blow my mind! haha I'll definitely be looking into how to make that happen and buy some land.

  • Personal : Got the scenes changing on the stream! Things look weird and some things aren't showing up, but it's changing! haha Also put together what I'll need to be able to put solar panels on top of my van. This way, my battery can continuously charge wherever I am not have to go to the park to use my briefcase solar panels.

Islands in Lofoten Islands, Norway with large mountains in the background

After work, made my way to my old house because I've got packages coming today and tomorrow. Had the most difficult time trying to upload pictures to for this post. Not sure if it's because I don't really get a strong signal out here, even with the Google Pixel 4a and Google Fi. It really is the sticks out here. haha It's a horrible time to not have a strong signal because I am trying to watch 2 virtual meetups. haha After that, I just realized that it's Wednesday and I haven't submitted the recording of the show to submit to the radio station. I'll work on that and then back to my side project.

Have a great night!

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