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Day 190: Demonstration

dwane profile image HIPHOP and CODE ・2 min read

liner notes:

  • Professional : Got up early so I could integrate the OCR feature I worked on into our project for the hackathon. Wasn't too bad, one of the team members used State Machines and React. Just had to look at a couple of files to figure out what was going on and include my part. Got it working. Then it was demonstration time. Got to see what everyone else made. Some really cool projects were created. We demoed ours and the OCR worked, everytime. Awesome!

  • Personal : After the demo, I had to take a nap. haha It was exhausting, but fun. Never really did OCR to that level and with live video! I was able to get it working pretty well, at least well enough to read a card and then hit an API to get more data. Don't really remember what I did last night. Probably worked on the hackathon project and my side project.

A strip of land with a road running down the middle with greenery and water on both sides.

Ordered some food and juice that arrived today so that's good. Another thing that got delivered was the screen protector for the Google Pixel 4a I ordered. But it went to my folks place, so I'll pick it up later. By the time my phone arrives, I should be in the van. Didn't know they would ship things separately. Having the screen protector doesn't do me any good without the phone. haha. I'm off to my parent's place before it rains too much.

Have a great night!

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