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Day 185: Move On Up

HIPHOP and CODE radio show: personal/portfolio site:
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liner notes:

  • Professional : Had our team meeting. Really good seeing everyone in one place. Finally got the bug fixed on the Web Component I made. Apparently you get different values in mouseup, mousedown, focus, change and blur on a textfield when trying to get the selectionStart. Not sure why, but that is what's happening to me with this Web Component. Going to write the tests tomorrow and create a PR. Also, got the final, I think, run through of the tutorial I've been working on. Made a couple of changes based on feedback from other users.

  • Personal : So, the tape held the fabric to the window coverings. That's awesome. Going to start loading stuff into the van. I really need to order the framework for the inside. I got the beginnings of the streaming working for my side project. I got the scenes to change on the dashboard and that gets reflected in the stream. The video player I'm using is streaming from the URL I get back from the API. Now that I got the scenes working, it's time to move on up to the camera video and screen share feeds.

Rooftops of Li Jiang, China with mountains in the background

Going to get ready for the tutorial walk through. They've been going really well so far. Everyone is getting it to work on the first try, although, sometimes, a browser may not load something. I think it's due to an extension. After that, going to work some more on my side project. Oh, I also need to get the recording submitted to the radio station for this week. Still haven't put together the tracks for the live show on Saturday.

Think that's it! Made it through another week!!

Have a great night!

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