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Day 181: Want Something Done

dwane profile image HIPHOP and CODE ・1 min read

liner notes:

  • Professional : Got my blog post submitted! I want to look it over again tomorrow with fresh eyes before I ask for a content review. It's funny the things you catch when I transferred the blog post from one place to another. Also pushed the code for the repo to GitHub. Looked into a bug that was submitted for the Web Component. Actually, it's not really a bug, because I knew about it, but didn't want it to work that way, but I can see how someone could think it's a bug. I have an idea on how I want to get it working the way they want.

  • Personal : Finished packing up my room. Only really have the clothes I wear regularly out. Been putting it off, but if you want something done, you just have to get started. While I was clearing out the room, I was listening to tracks for the radio show.

Aerial view of the islands of Rock Islands, Palau

Going to get the recording from last week's radio show submitted for the station to play this week. I'll probably also go through tracks for this week's show. I really need to get the framing ordered for my van. Just need to pull the trigger and order something. I'm tired.

Have a great night!

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