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Day 175: A Short While

dwane profile image HIPHOP and CODE ・1 min read

liner notes:

  • Professional : Started my day off early by attending a talk prep session. The topic was about putting together a workshop. It was a good discussion because I did a couple of workshops for the company this year. Went through the video recording with my friend doing the tutorial I've been working on to note the feedback and takeaways. Attended a practice session for my coworker who has a talk coming up. My manager saw the video recording and wanted to take a clip of my friends reaction at the end of the tutorial. haha He posted it in the team's channel and everyone felt good to see the reaction to a product we work on. Did some more work on my blog post. Hoping to get it done in a short while.

  • Personal : Honestly don't remember much from last night. haha Last thing I remember doing is the tutorial walk through. haha I probably worked on my side project and then went to sleep.

A forest in Richmond Park, United Kingdom with sunlight coming through the trees

Going to get last week's radio show submitted to the station to played on air this week. Probably work on the side project and get to bed early.

Have a great night!

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