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Day 173: Same Sh!t, Different Toilet

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liner notes:

  • Saturday : Spent most of the day before the radio show cleaning out my van. I ordered a rug/carpet for the floor to help protect it from scratches. Especially when the frame I'll be building will be able to be slid in and out. Took everything I had in it out and mopped the floor. There were already a few scratches, so I ordered some cans of spray paint for metal to paint the whole floor. Time for the radio show. It was a solo show, but I think it went well. Had a great time as usual. The recording of this week's show is at

Radio show episode image of a map of Oklahoma showing the Native American territories with the words July 11th 2020, Big Brain Ron

  • Sunday : Got up early to finish up the post show promo posts. Picked up the spray paint I bought the day before. Spent some time cleaning up the floor of my van more and spray painted the floor. Good thing I bought 3 cans because I went through 2. After that, I mowed my lawn. Then I spent the rest of day working on a blog post for work and did some coding for my side project. I hooked up an admin section of the dashboard and got it connected to the database to show a list of groups and when you click one, the details of the group show up. I'm going to have it so that an admin can update/change the information. I also have a section for an admin to add a new group. Going to do a similar thing for users.

  • Professional : Had a couple of meeting and a talk prep session earlier in the day. Wrote a whole bunch of my blog post. Just need to finish up a couple of sections, show and explain parts of the code and do some screen recordings. Oh and my Web Component has been merged into the main branch! Looks pretty good! Super happy it's in! Already have some new things I want to add for the next version. Also reached out to some friends about taking a tutorial I've been working on so I can get feedback from people outside the company.

  • Personal : I'm pretty sore from yesterday. haha. Looked over the newly spray painted floor and touched up some spots, but it looked pretty good. Since I covered up some spots, I'll have to wait till tomorrow to put down the carpet.

A star filled night sky taking up much of the photo over Port Angeles, Washington and distant mountains in the backgound at the bottom

Going to work on the admin section of the dashboard and maybe start working on the YouTube integration. Maybe finish up the video sharing aspect of the side project. Want to get it out to users pretty soon. So over the weekend, Florida has once again set a record for the number of new cases of Corona virus in a single day, AGAIN! This time it's more than any other state EVER! Florida... I would say, same sh!t, different toilet, but it's more like worse sh!t, same toilet! Sigh...

Have a great night!

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