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Day 167: Caught up

dwane profile image HIPHOP and CODE ・2 min read

liner notes:

  • Professional : Whew... what a day! Had a couple of meetings that went really well. Then basically spent most of my time trying to get my code pushed to the repository. Apparently, I only had access to one part of the repo. Had to fill out a form and get added. Didn't take too long. Then I put what I've been working on into the code base and had all sorts of linting errors. haha So spent time turning "s into 's and other small things. haha. There were some TypeScript issues. I guess the tsconfig that was created when the project was different from the one in the code base. And then, since my component uses other components, I was getting an error because they weren't being imported because they weren't available because my Personal Access Token didn't have the permissions. Let's not talk about the issues I had because the default node version was 9 and things needed 10+. So had to figure out what was happening with nvm. At the end of the day, I got it pushed to the repo and it passed all the checks!

  • Personal : Last night, I got the dashboard hooked up the the database and pulling down information and displaying it. Also edited and submitted the radio show for this week to be played at the radio station. Started watching a new anime on Netflix. Pretty strange, there's a guy who's head got turned into an alligator's by a magician and he's trying to learn who did it. haha Had a pretty productive night.

Coastline of Easton, Washington with a beach, forest and mountains in the distance

Got so caught up in my side project after work that I lost track of time and forgot to post on the blog. haha. Getting pretty close. I want to get these videos to display on the dashboard and read up more on the YouTube API. Oh and I have tomorrow off for the 4th of July.

Have a great night and weekend!

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