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Day 156: Wild

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liner notes:

  • Professional : Worked on trying to get the Web Component deployed so I can put it on CodePen to check it out away from my local environment. When I published the Web Component, it still relies on lit-element, so I had to figure that out. I think I got it working, at least the error doesn't come up anymore. Then it looks like the Web Component now also needs the Web Component button I used to create my Web Component. Thing is that the Web Component is on the GitHub NPM registry and I don't know if can link to a file to load as a module. Plus, it's written in TypeScript so it will need to be compiled. Got asked to help out with the internal hackathon when a team had some questions. I was able to get their project working. That was a good feeling. Also helped out with a question in our community Slack.

  • Personal : Got a bunch done with the side project. Got the task editing working. Got the removing a task completed. Started working on some animations when the task is completed, removed, and added. Not really my thing, but Svelte makes it pretty easy. Also watched a couple of episodes of an Anime on Netflix called "Parasyte". Pretty good so far. The story is pretty wild.

A valley with mostly yellow trees and snow topped mountains in the background in Ridgway, Colorado

Tonight, I want to get the last radio show submitted to play on air this week. Also, going to watch a couple of more episodes of "Parasyte". Want to see if I can work out the animation for my side project. Before calling it a night, I want to look into working on the framing for my van.

Have a great night!

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