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Day 152 : Fix Up

dwane profile image HIPHOP and CODE ・1 min read

liner notes:

  • Professional : Pretty chill day. Had our team meeting and it was our monthly demo where people get to show what they have been working on. I work with some really smart people! Started working on an open-wc application. The scaffold generate is pretty robust and gives a lot of options to create a single web component or application. Going to recreate a web component I made before using it. While going through some code examples, I noticed one didn't work. The API it was calling was to an old URL. I found the new one and it work. I told the folks in the open-wc channel and they had the fix up quickly. I contributed! haha.

  • Personal : Didn't do too much last night. Mostly figured out how I want the task list to be implemented and figured out how I want things to work.

view of the Golden Gate Bridge in CA, USA from the shore

Can't believe it's Thursday already! Going to go through some tracks for the radio show and get to bed early. The hackathon I recorded the workshop for is tomorrow and I want to check out all the other workshops happening ALL DAY! haha

Have a great night!

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