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Day 144 : Insane

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liner notes:

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  • Sunday : Did some coding but mostly watched the madness that was happening around the country.

  • Professional : This morning, I had a meeting with my manager to go over some of the work I did last week. Went well and found some more things we can dive into. The team working on Web Components had a meeting so it was good to see everyone involved and introduce myself. Had a company wide meeting. Good to hear where the focus is during this time. Then I worked on what my manager and I spoke about earlier.

  • Personal : Did some more work on my side project. Fixed the mode where now either pressing the play button or the countdown button will start and pause the counter. Now I want to work on the alarm that sounds when the countdown is finished. Then it's on to the Pomodoro portion.

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With everything being insane, came across a pretty cool resource https://www.joincampaignzero.org/

Have a great night!

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