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Discussion on: Re:Plain Rocks!

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I would vouch for Re:plain, been using it for over a year with no complains whatsoever. If all you need is just one seat (so it's just you replying, no team) then it is completely free. It is a thin layer between chat modal (supports pics, vids and docs transfer) deployed on your site and your messenger of choice ( either facebook or telegram), so it piggybacks on messenger's infrastructure (thus resilient) and you do not need to install any other app on your smartphone/ desktop. The catch (at least for the free tier) is that it is only chat modal to messenger communication (in real time), so it would not aggregate other points of contact, like email.

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Alex Quasar Author • Edited on

Thanks for this great suggestion :) Re:Plain is everything I have been looking for and the support is absolutely amazing too!

If anyone needs help to get it up with Gatsby please shoot me a message!