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Run Js - The best code editor for JavaScript Developers

I am not promoting anything in this article. I am not a promoter or doing affiliate things on

Run Js is a code editor for JavaScript developers with zero setup. There are lot of code editors and IDEs for JavaScript. There is Sublime a light weight code editor for all types of developers. We can easily build Laravel application with sublime. Atom on the other hand is another code editor with little bit look of IDE but it is not. It is a bit better than atom in sense it has own command line APM with no integrated terminal. It has nice GUI with ease in installing packages and themes.

VS code is another famous boy not a kid. VS code still we can not say it is an IDE. But VS code is not a simple code editors with huge awesomeness like it has Integrated terminal, Code refactoring, code intelligence, themes and large marketplace for extensions. Web storm is super duper and complete solution for JavaScript ecosystem. But it is paid.

Problems with ordinary code editors and IDEs

JavaScript is a client side as well server language. It has two paths. On the client side we need a browser and terminal for the server side. A developer in hurry wants to test JavaScript code but he has number of hurdles like setting browser or setting up terminal for Node Js. You could lose your interest if you have to make huge setup before running hello world same as we do in Android Development setup. How you can solve your problems. Yeah I have solution! Run Js.

Run Js - For the developers want to ace

Run Js is zero setup, beginner friendly, with Node Js development support. RunJs is a good code editor and IDE for the Frontend Developers as well as Node Js Develoeprs. You don't need to inject script tag to html. You don't even need html to run JavaScript code.

It is JavaScript playground for your desktop.

It would be like you are writing any other language like python that does not need html file or browser. It does not need any terminal or console. Everything inside RunJs is integrated and many features are out of the box. I

RunJs - Beginner friendly | For hurry developers

Explore and experiment with JavaScript and TypeScript, visualize your ideas and get instant feedback as you type. Some features are listed below.

  • Exploring JavaScript has never been easier. Live feedback as you type, with per-line results makes it super clear what your code is doing.

  • In RunJS you have access to Node and Browser APIs, including full DOM access. This gives you a level of versatility that's not possible in a standard REPL or Chrome console.

  • Babel and TypeScript support enables you to write modern, up-to-date syntax.


Only cons you might consider that is price 28 $ -> Buy -> not affiliated link .

Download for free
Get RunJs

Thanks for spending your important time for reading this article.

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Luke Shiru

Please, avoid promotion of paid products as posts in DEV. If you read the terms:

Users must make a good-faith effort to share content that is on-topic, of high-quality, and is not designed primarily for the purposes of promotion or creating backlinks.
Posts must contain substantial content — they may not merely reference an external link that contains the full post.

If you only want to promote this app, you can do it using the listings option in DEV.


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duskycoders Author

no no this is not promotion. read carefully -> not affiliated link.

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Luke Shiru

AFAIK you can promote stuff without getting paid. My point was that if you're only promoting this app instead of actually reviewing it (which feels like that even from the title being "The best code editor for JavaScript Developers"), then listings is a better place for doing that than here.

You could either move it to listings or change the wording in the title and content so it reads less like an ad for a freemium app and more like an honest review. Also maybe change the tags so instead of having #node and #npm, have something like #review and #promotion.


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duskycoders Author • Edited on


Thread Thread
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Luke Shiru • Edited on

That is why I don't like and hashnode. Medium is far better. It pay us for our stories. This is my first article on dev to community -> Bad experience. Are you moderator of From today I am shifting to medium with my team.

I don't get it. You don't like because it has rules against promotions in the blogging section? I just said you can do them, just in a different section :/ ... you're welcome to shift to whatever platform you prefer, but if you actually check the Terms in DEV, those are there to make the experience better for everyone. Be honest: Would you enjoy this platform if every article was a promotion for a paid product instead of articles with actual things to learn, or honest opinions? You need to think this not only as a "promoter", but also as a consumer.
Maybe you'll like it better if DEV allowed promotions in the blogging section, but if that was the case then the ones leaving would be the rest of us that love this platform because it keeps that "pollution" to a minimum.

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