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Discussion on: Controlling photoanalysisd

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Yeah it is a) still running and b) still using CPU (20-25%)

  • I even tried entering the cronjobs in terminal directly to see if it quits. No chance.

I have now simply removed the following files but I am 100% sure the next update will bring them back:

  • file in /System/Library/LaunchAgents
  • photoanalysisd in /Sytem/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Photo.../Versions/A/Support
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Guy Bianco IV Author

Interesting. So it looks like the service is still called the same thing. I'm wondering if you go back to the old way I listed (using a cron job to kill the service every 20 minutes) would work. Kind of a jackhammer, but should still work. Maybe need to have it run more often :/

Sounds like I get to play around with it once I upgrade :)

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Hmmm - I assume it's still called the same yes, but again, somehow the command won't kill nor stop it.

This is what I have been using since before Mojave and now has stopped working as cron:

/1 * * * * launchctl disable gui/501/ && launchctl kill -TERM gui/501/

My current solution is even worse -> deleting the system plist and unix exe:)