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I like to write word and code

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Rivers State University, Nigeria


Frontend Dev. at Meghee Inc

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A Pocket Guide to Remote Team Brainstorming, Mind Mapping, and Real-time Collaboration

Great Read!

Stop procrastination get things done.

If you want your outcome to be clear or worth the time, you s...

Stop procrastination get things done.

Yes, I did and I'm still fighting it. How about you?

7 Unique APIs for your next project

Point me to an API that provides birthday and goodwill messag...

Six Principles Your Resume Should Follow - So Recruiters Will Read It

I truly appreciate this kind gesture, lately I've been receiv...

Wooooooooooo I'm Joining The Forem Team 🌱!!!

Welcome to team.

Welcome Thread - v99

Hello 👋 I get to know about via twitter and ever since...

Welcome Thread - v99


Simple Chrome Extensions That Make My Work a Bit Easier

Nicely currated, thanks for sharing

Manipulating the Web using Jquery

This is interesting and thanks, but most people use tools not...

Manipulating the Web using Jquery

Nice! hopefully, I will check out your recommendation to see ...

The algorithm behind Ctrl + F.

At first, while reading I was confused about the time it take...

How to overcome the problem of spelling/grammar mistake in markdown?

I recently install an extension Code Spell Checker. What it d...

How to build a PWA from scratch with HTML, CSS and JavaScript ?

what a way to experince PWA thanks

Who is Speaking On Your Behalf?

What a read....

Building Habits: The One Technique That Worked For Me


Building Habits: The One Technique That Worked For Me

One of my new habits stack is to read and write on e...

How to build a documentation culture

Awesome article, will really love to be a writer but have n...

What’s an unpopular software opinion you have?

Someone once said, "you don't master coding you get use to ...

My Journey Into Software Engineering

Nice article, thank for advice through the article.

General Portfolio Advice for Newbies

I was laughing along the road on your site. Great ben

Things Nobody Told Me About Being a Software Engineer

Am beginner in Python and i really love what you just wrote...

Extreme Makeover: Code Edition

Am grateful!

Welcome Thread - v13

Am Dule Martins

What Do You Look For in a Mentor?

Mine, he is a friend and the first technique he told me of ...

Welcome Thread - v13

My name is dule Martins and am a being inner on python, am ...