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Project 5: To-Do List, and my final week of Flatiron

It's been a wild ride. Since the beginning, I've been very stressed at the thought of going back to school. I'm still stressed thinking about it. I had a terrible experience in college. Coming into Flatiron, I was very apprehensive to the thought of "going back to school", but to think of how far I've come, and how much I've grown and learned, I'm glad I went for this.

And now it's time for my final project to show for it: The to-do list.

The gist of this list is that you can have your own personal to-do list, alongside multiple other shared to-do lists with other groups! Groups can be created by anyone, and those groups can be joined by anyone (this is to be changed soon, but I wanted the functionality of the groups to be priority).

Starting with the personal list, a to-do task has a category that can be placed with it to help organize your list! Each to-do has a checkbox in order to see if your to-do is done, and with that, the state of whether a to-do is done or not is saved. This way, the list is completely saved anytime someone refreshes their screen!

The exact same can be said for groups. The only difference between groups and the self-to-do list is that groups can work together on the same to-do list for their projects. This feature is designed with the idea of this app becoming a tool for companies and group projects!

I know for certain that I want to continue adding to this app, as well as improve the styling of it. This app will also be deployed via Heroku for anyone to use!

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