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Project 3: Ruby+Sinatra and React Router v6

What perfect timing for React Router v6 to be deployed as our next project begins! Honestly, this new version has been fairly simple to use. No more need for , I only needed to use and my . It always feels incredible to have clean code for the beginning of your project.

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As seen above, you'll notice that my code is about musicians and their instruments. Using the functionality of Ruby, Object Orientation, Sinatra, and Active Record, I created a list of musicians with their assigned instruments. Active Record's use of associating tables together inspired me to create this as a test of my skills as an Object-Oriented developer. It was also fun to be able to put together my instruments that I own with my fiancée!

The best part is that I could simply add any new instruments or musicians to my list to be displayed! With the idea of the project being able to perform CRUD operations easily, I am able to create new instruments and musicians, read their information, update the instrument's owner (the musicians), and also delete either at any point in time.

Active Record and Object Orientation has been revolutionary as I begin to dive into more intricate projects like this. I've never been quite satisfied with any to-do lists or task managers for myself, as I've been searching since high school and when smart phones have begun their ascent into society. I've felt lost without one, but at this point, I think I can just create one using Active Record and Ruby! The two of these, with Object Orientation, have never made me feel like such an accomplishment could be so simple.

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Onto the next one: Phase 4 - Rails, and putting it together with Ruby. I've heard a lot of bad things about Ruby on Rails, but if Ruby itself was this mind-blowingly amazing, I think this won't be any challenge at all.

Oh, and speaking of challenges, I passed my first ever live-coding challenges from Flatiron! The hard work I've put into this phase really shows, and it's only going to get better from here!

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