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My Experience with Flatiron

I started with an idea, some money I had saved up, rumors of how terrible Ruby on Rails was to use (how terribly wrong they are), and a drive to learn. My only development background was working on an EverQuest server and creating content using Lua (another great programming language, very fast!). Flatiron accepted my application, and my web development career began!

Javascript was a language I knew about, but not to any usable degree. Functions made sense, I've known about how they work from Lua. Expressions are simple, I've done math before. Putting it together with HTML and CSS to create an actual web page? Incredible. Absolutely astounding to me.

I've never heard of React before Flatiron, I only assumed that based off the name, it had to do with reacting to something that happens. BOOM, nailed it. Now we're working with multiple pages of Javascript at once? Sign me up. And now with hooks, react is SO much simpler to use instead of having to type this.props every 2 lines. A language that is continuously worked on and modified with hooks is bound to be incredible and popular with any company.

After working on API's that I have little control over, it was getting a little frustrating not being able to manipulate the data the way I wanted it to be. That's when Ruby came along. This is where I felt I started to shine. The power of Ruby and object orientation was fascinating to learn. That, and ActiveRecord Association, working with databases and SQL, was irreplaceable knowledge. Add Rails on top of that, and we have a remarkable application on our hands.

I'd have to say the greatest part was seeing Rails in action. Building a form that takes not one, but two separate models, creates a new iteration of each one in the SAME form, and puts the two together? That alone was worth the time and effort with Flatiron.

If you are on the fence about applying to Flatiron's Software Development course, let me tell you, my vote is yes. Do it. I'm certain it will change your perspective on coding as much as it has with me. I'm excited for my next project, and I hope you'll stay tuned for more!

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I just started Phase 2 at Flatiron. I'm curious if you are in the self-paced or live program. I am self-paced.