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Discussion on: Assigning [ ] performs better than Array(n) - Reports attached.

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Hayden Mankin

I think there may have been a misunderstanding, I don't see why you wouldn't modify your post.

I haven't once argued that holey arrays are good or that there are no drawbacks (I even said in my original reply: "While the statements you are making are true, your example is still not entirely representative of this fact"). This whole time I've just been trying to point out the problems with the testing method. All I'm suggesting is utilizing the startup section of jsperf for a more honest test, like shown in

Currently your post is using a test where the main performance difference is the initialization of a large array and then joining said 2000 element array. compared to initializing an empty array and joining 20 elements.

Your most recent example is a much better showcase of the drawbacks of holey arrays.