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Discussion on: 6 useful frontend techniques that you may not know about

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There's at least some valid cases but they are very specific.

For example: a student test/exam where the page doesn't want answers copy & pasted.

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InHuOfficial • Edited on

I still don't think that would be a valid case, but I can understand why you and José (comment further down) have said that.

For example: what exam could you possibly be taking where copy and pasting an answer would actually be a thing or be useful to you as a student trying to cheat?

If you did that it would just be plagiarising and you would be marked down anyway.

Plus if you were cheating you could just rewrite the answer, I doubt anyone would copy a whole book into an online exam so it would be pretty straight forward to copy an answer by just typing it in manually in so all you did was slow them down a little bit.

Now if someone was dyslexic and liked to use a Word Processor to write in a font that makes it easier for them to read, or adjust the line length so they don't lose their place (as long line lengths can be difficult for certain types of dyslexia), you need copy and paste.

There are other things to consider such as people with poor vision may find it a lot easier to write in a certain program that is already set to their font size and contrast requirements and copy and paste in etc.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions like disabling paste to try and stop cheating, it won't work but it will mean that somebody who isn't cheating will suffer.

do not disable copy and paste, it is that simple. I wouldn't normally be so forceful but people try and justify terrible practices and may read your comment thinking "oh yeah, that is a good idea", without thinking about the consequences (or whether it would actually be effective).

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That's not a web problem, it's a "test moderation" problem. There's plenty of other ways to detect or especially prevent cheating.