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This week I've learned more about NPM script and how to use it with chained command lines to prepare the folders/files tree structure of my webpack boilerplate. Things like :

    "prepare": "npm-run-all -s prepare:*",
    "prepare:clean": "rm -rf ./src",
    "prepare:src-tree": "bash -c 'mkdir -p src/{images,modules,styles/partials}'",
    "prepare:html-entry": "touch src/index.html",
    "prepare:js-entry": "touch src/index.js",
    "prepare:git": "touch ./.gitignore",
    "prepare:gitignore-rules": "(echo node_modules/ && echo dist/) >> ./.gitignore",
    "prepare:js-entry-import-scss": "echo import './styles/main.scss' >> src/index.js",
    "prepare:js-entry-log": "echo console.log('I am the endry point!'); >> src/index.js",
    "prepare:scss": "touch src/styles/main.scss",
    "prepare:scss-partials": "touch src/styles/partials/{_variables.scss,_reset.scss,_mixins.scss}",
    "prepare:scss-import-partials": "(echo @import \"partials/variables.scss\"; && echo @import \"partials/reset.scss\"; && echo @import \"partials/mixins.scss\";) >> src/styles/main.scss",
    "prepare:serve": "webpack-dev-server --open",

This week I've read and practiced my book about CSS Grid Layout and validated the FreeCodeCamp's course on this topic.

CSS 3 Grid Layout

This week I've started to code the front end of a tiny musical application...

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