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Discussion on: Learned HTML/CSS then started freelancing - how I closed my very first client for $19,950 USD from a cold call

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Afroze Kabeer Khan. M

Wish, I could do the same and get started. But it's rather a very competitive market.

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There's no better time to start than right now... I know that's corny but there really is no 'perfect' time to start. Pick up the phone (or send cold emails) and just start getting kicked in the teeth over the phone. Learn from your mistakes and record your calls. The perfect way of standing out from the crowd especially now in the gig economy, is by properly presenting what problems you will solve. I'll tell you this: when you present your pricing and its double, triple or quadruple more than other quotes, that CEO is going to want to know why. This puts you in a different category and you get taken seriously. Do you think a CEO wants the Honda Accord of new websites? Or does that CEO want the Bentley of websites? You just have to give him/her a good reason as to why they should choose you.