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Oh boy, do I know this. Though, while I lost a lot of the fear of judgement over the last couple of years, the amount of time that is available to me seems to shrink and shrink and shrink. When my daughter was born, I felt like having about 2 hours a day left. I don‘t want to spend this little remaining time doing more of the same of what I do for the most part of the day. I let my brain vent playing computer games, a passion I‘ve been on for 35 years now :-)

Sometimes I think: „Wouldn‘t it be nice to keep coding anf release personal stuff I care about or learn more?“

But then I look at the freetime I had to sacrifice for it, discard the a idea and turn on my gaming PC.


Well here is the thing. Don't beat yourself up over it. I used to think that if I didn't spend every second of the day coding, that I was missing out. But then I would get burnt out. I used to think also that I had to complete projects in a limited amount of time. As a dad myself I can totally relate with the limited time. So I changed my mindset to being that a project doesn't need to be a time frame of a month or two, but maybe a year or two. As long as I'm doing a little here and there and releasing those changes right away. So if gaming is your thing, then do gaming. Then start a little project around what you love, like gaming. Even if it's just a blog.

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