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Aduramimo Oludare
Aduramimo Oludare

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HNGi8 Goals

My name is Aduramimo and I am glad to be on this internship where I get to learn and re-learn relevant technologies in software development.

As an intermediate backend (PHP) developer, I seek to further buttress on my knowledge of PHP by taking on tasks that will expand my horizon and push my already-acquired knowledge to the limit.

I also would love to try my hands on Laravel projects to deepen my expertise in that regard too.

Overall, I wish to be able to finish the internship till stage 10 and be a better prospect for employments and also be more useful for my employers.

For beginners that want a quick introduction to web development, here are some curated links that would help:

  2. Learn Git :
  3. Learn HTML & CSS:
  4. Learn PHP:

Here is the link to register for the internship:

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emesekati profile image

Hi Adu,

I am new to web development. Would you like to help me out? : )

dreysongz profile image
Aduramimo Oludare Author

Hi Eme,

I'd be most glad to help out on your journey! 😄

What stack of web development are you interested in?

emesekati profile image

My email: Thank you.

Take a look at this:


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