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Drafting My First Pull Request

This week, I focused on adding a new feature to my friends site generator, LENNAH SSG. Using a fork of his project with an issue branch, I was able to add support for config files using --config. I also created a draft pull request in order to better communicate our ideas to each other.

I ran into issues adding support for folders in the config file, as it has to recognize both files or folder. I solved this by first checking for a .txt extension in the JSON file and then using the recursive file checking method, implemented before to read files within a folder.

It was very difficult working on someone else's code, however after some time playing with it, it feels just like my own! My friend, @jli was very satisfied with my work and I hope to collaborate with him again in the future.

I learned a great deal from this experience. I am now more familiar with how I can collaborate with others on Github and contribute to the community using the draft pull request feature. I also learned more about merging and pushing to a remote repo.

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