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Nice writeup!

It would be nice if we could collapse some of these biases, 10 tends to be too high a number of things to keep track of for most humans. Many of these biases, I feel, relate to humans' associative way of reasoning, as opposed to deductive/logical reasoning. Personally I try to express thoughts in BDI logic to check the correctness of a thought, though that is not always possible.


Totally agree! There are nice posters to remind you of logical fallacies, e.g.: yourlogicalfallacyis.com


I'm not a fan of calling logical fallacy. Many 'fallacies' are correct axioms for exploratory reasoning, or necessary shortcuts when dealing with the colossal complexity of the real world (as are emotions).

I've seen people abuse the term fallacy to just be a dick and flaunt their 'intellect' a bit too often, even erroneously.

This is so true! I am always trying to be positive and give feedback in a way that encourages improvement but it requires constant work and attention :)

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