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re: Thoughts on interpreted vs compiled languages? VIEW POST

re: It all depends on the intended purpose. Compiled languages: Are faster at runtime Conceal source code Have associated compile time Are better wh...

Some languages come with compilers that are fast enough to make them equally suited for frequent changes (e.g. Go). Compilers can also help you find problems early - the Elm compiler is famous for this - which can be a boon when making frequent changes.

In theory being interpreted or compiled is often not a property of the language. I've seen C interpreters and JavaScript compilers. Although I'm not sure if you can create an interpreter for declarative languages, as they do not have statements that can be 'executed' line-by-line.

When it comes to muddying the waters, I'd go so far as to say interpreted and compiled are different ends of a spectrum rather than enumerable values.

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