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Discussion on: STOP writing CSS, 10 reasons why

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drazik • Edited on

I don't think writing sass is not writing css. In the end you are using another syntax but all css problems are still here.

The syntax is a matter of taste. Nesting is a very bad idea as you have to mentally rebuild the full selector in your mind.

CSS has custom properties, that are way more powerful than sass static variables.

Math is possible via calc, which works with custom properties and in which you can mix units so it's also more powerful than sass maths functions.

Most of your points are not valid and are easily replaced with native CSS feature. Only logic and function are really useful, but should be used carefuly. Because you can have easy to read sass code that generates garbage css (for example nesting that encourages looooooong selectors that could actually have been a single class)

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Aspiiire Author

The title was only a way to improve my "clickbait" skills 😅️