re: What's hard about React Hooks for you? VIEW POST

  • The semantics are terrible ( useState(false) 😱, useEffect() 🤔). It's not meaningful, and this is not a good sign. I've worked with many languages and I've never seen anything like that. We're not all React pundits / teachers. Many of us are fullstack devs having to deal with other languages, Kubernetes, etc and deliver real work, and with Hooks, more "Javascript fatigue" ensues.
  • They look quite simple in code examples, but they are not that much in real life. The complexity is just shifted to other places, and not necessarily in a good way. The Additional Hooks sections gives you a hint of the troubles.
  • I love functional programming, but I think they've been pushing it too far (HOC, I'm looking at you), and apparently they have no plan to calm down. I wonder where their hatred of classes comes from.
  • This way of pushing new features to the community is questionable. In the python community, anything like that would be discussed for months before being implemented in the language or framework.
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